Painting Punk Rock Logos On Leather Jackets

October 24, 2007

I’ve gotten a few hits on this search term, so I thought since I do have experience (though it’s not listed on my resume’) painting punk logos on jackets I would offer up some advice as to what I have found to be a successful technique.

  • First of all, you need to choose the right supplies. What I have found work best are Permanent Oil Paint Pens. If these are not available, just go shoplift (kidding) some Testors model paints and some very small, stiff brushes.
  • Secondly, you should get yourself a soft white colored pencil to sketch out the design on the leather, and make sure the surface is clean and free of grime. I know – it’s a punk rocker we are talking about…so double check.
  • When you decide on the design, hopefully not too far out of your ability range, practice drawing it on paper beforehand. Do it until you are totally sick of it. Over and over. 100 times. Develop a basic system for dividing the logo into sections of solid color. Then sketch the basic outline on the jacket using the white colored pencil. If you want to get really fancy you can mask off an area with frisket film or for lack of anything proper, black electrical tape. I kind of like the black tape for masking because you can stretch it and even make some curves with a little practice. Pretty good for beginners.
  • Apply the paint and plan to do it in layers. Start with white paint and cover the area that the final design will cover. This will help give you a solid base coat for the rest of the design. Try to stay inside the lines or the mask. After the white dries, finish out the design outline on the white paint with a soft regular pencil. Don’t dig in…expect your lines to be faint. Start filling the colors. Work with the lighter colors first – yellows, greens, blues, reds, and lastly any black lines you might add at the end. Use strokes that overlap, starting pretty bold, getting less and less with each successive layer – until you are filling edges with black to clean up your design.
  • You should be good to go with this method. If you try it and it doesn’t work out so good don’t blame me. You are the DIY punk rocker, right? I’ll of course be willing to answer any and all questions. I have used acrylics before to do this same job, but the oil colors are more vibrant and last a little better because they penetrate the leather more than water based paints. The downside to using oil paint is that it’s messy, and if you screw it up, you are kinda screwed. But you can always paint over it, or try to scrub it off with laquer thinner (not recommended).

    There you have it. I hope that this helps some of you searching for “how to paint on punk rock leather jackets.”


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